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Indigenous Inclusion Thought Leadership Series

Webinar on April 25, 2024, 1 PM EST

How to Recruit more Indigenous People into the HR profession?

In the past few years, the CPHR Associations have adopted increasingly more rigorous standards with a new framework that builds the professional competencies of human resource professionals. These new standards were introduced in recognition of the increasingly complex needs of today’s employers that need to build diverse and equitable workplaces, empower, and engage employees, grow skills and learning and leverage innovation. But where are Indigenous people when it comes to pursuing the HR Profession? Who is managing the HR functions inside Indigenous communities and organizations? How are Indigenous affairs specialists and Indigenous business leaders addressing the HR role? And most importantly, what kind of attitudes and perceptions do Indigenous people have I regards to the human resource department and profession. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn about the changing complexity of the human resource, diversity and equity profession; 
  2. Learn some of the ways that Indigenous people view the HR function; 
  3. Discover ways to increase the awareness and importance of the HR profession among Indigenous youth seeking their career paths;

Presented by

Kelly J Lendsay, BSPE, MBA, CAFM, ICD.D


Michael Stushnoff

Manager, Manager Employer Partner Program


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