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Is your organization interested in answering one or more of the TRC’s Calls to Action? 

Do you want to educate your team about the harmful legacy of colonial Residential Schools in Canada?


11. Reconciliation Action Plan 

Are you looking to do your part to restore economic and relational balance with Indigenous peoples within Canada?

Indigenous Works will co-design a meaningful Reconciliation Action Plan for your organization with implementation and metrics to track and document your effort and progress toward reconciliation. 

Indigenous Works has over 24 years of experience in Indigenous employment and strategy development. Under its former name, the Aboriginal Human Resource Council, it has worked extensively with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations in the public and private sectors.

Reconciliation may have different meanings for Indigenous people, organizations, and communities. There are different lenses depending on community histories and whether the perspective is First Nations, Inuit, or Métis. The same may be true about a company’s varied internal interpretation of what constitutes reconciliation actions. Reconciliation plans can consist of a spectrum of activities.

Indigenous Works’ experience positions our organization with a unique set of perspectives and cultural understandings which provide a bridge between employers and Indigenous people and their respective realities. Let’s work together to make reconciliation a reality for you in your local area.

12. Land Acknowledgements

Are you looking to do your part to restore economic and relational balance with Indigenous peoples within Canada?

Indigenous Works provides a tool kit and a comprehensive guide to clients who contract us to support the creation of a Land Acknowledgement. This guide goes into detail about best practices on how and when to use a land acknowledgement. Due to the complexity of this topic and the diversity of Indigenous peoples that exist within the territory now known as Canada, we will work with you to determine the best way forward. Land Acknowledgements are an appropriate way to take a minimal step toward reconciliation and should be part of a larger Reconciliation Action Plan. As part of this process, we may include virtual training to deliver and utilize your Land Acknowledgements in a way that is truly respectful, including pronunciation guides. Please contact us to speak with an IW Advisor for your next best steps.

13. Indigenous Relations Policy and Plan

Do you want to embed your reconciliation intentions and efforts into the very fabric of your organizational culture and structure?

An Indigenous Relations Policy (IRP) gives your reconciliation efforts the authority and priority you need to carry them through and support your team to take everyday action to attain results. A policy embeds your efforts into the fabric of your company culture and your corporate plan. 

The adoption of an IRP offers an important way for your company to convey that it has reached a level of maturity in your Indigenous engagements or relations. Ideally, the policy should signify that your company has successfully integrated Indigenous inclusion principles into your core mission and business plan. This gives you credibility and enhances your reputation.

The creation of an Indigenous Relations Plan is an extension of your policy and will define some important commitments and accountabilities. This will allow for the internal coordination needed to achieve your measurable goals. This consulting process will help you determine the human resources and financial resource allocation required to achieve your inclusion and employment goals.

Indigenous Works has a disciplined approach to Indigenous policy development. We can work with you every step of the way to help you develop your policy idea and carry it to the final presentation to your leadership.