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Ten Steps to Becoming an Indigenous Works’ Certified Employer of Choice:


Step 1 - This Certification program is available only to our Employer Partners. Join Us! 

Step 2 - Option to complete an Indigenous Inclusion Assessment. Learn more

Step 3 - Register to complete the Certification Audit via our Community Portal. Investment $7500.

Step 4 - Receive an Orientation and Training Instructional Kit for Certification which provides details about the certification process, sample question responses and rationales. 

Step 5 - Designate an individual (or a team of 2 people) as the Employer Administrator. The Employer Administrator is encouraged to establish a cross-functional team to provide input and advice on assessment questions.

Step 6 - Connect your designated IW Certification Auditor. The Auditor delivers the certification test and, upon successful completion, recommends the employer for certification.

Step 7 - Submit the Employer of Choice Certification Assessment to Indigenous Works.

Step 8 - The IW Certification Auditor reviews the submitted Certification Assessment, and verifies the test scores and supporting documentation.

Step 9 - The IW Certification Auditor makes a recommendation to Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification Panel which approves the employers’ certification application, having verified that the adequate standards and criteria are met.

Step 10 - Employer Partner is awarded their Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Certification which includes a Certificate of Completion of the Employer of Choice Journey and the authorization to use the Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice certified employer logo on your communications, marketing, employment and engagement efforts. Certification is valid for 2 years from the date of receipt.

The Indigenous Works’ Employer of Choice Journey + Certification is the only program of its kind exclusively focused on the workplace and Indigenous employment strategies. We are seeking employers that are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the workplace, as such this unique program is only available to Indigenous Works’ Employer Partners.

In order to maintain your certification and authorization we invite you to recertify every two years from the time of your first successful Audit process. Each time you recertify, you are committing to continuous improvement along the Inclusion Continuum.

Fee for Initial Inclusion Assessment CAD $7500 (optional)
Fee for Certification Audit CAD $7500