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There are many reasons to certify your organization as an Employer of Choice with Indigenous Works, here are a few:


  1. Third party validation by Indigenous auditors tells job seekers that you have taken purposeful steps to design an inclusive workplace and employment strategies with Indigenous people in mind.
  2. In addition to providing a competitive advantage for recruitment, certification will also provide competitive advantage within the Company’s marketplace.
  3. Certification shows that you adhere to strong standards and best practices which have been proven to help achieve Indigenous employment, workplace results and better inclusion performance.
  4. Certification will provide a benchmark for continuous improvement throughout the organization and will help to communicate the Company’s objectives and successes in meeting their targets, both internally and externally.
  5. Demonstrates to other employees, stakeholders, and shareholders that Indigenous employment is important to your organization. Certification enhances brand equity.
  6. The certification process diagnoses where you have strengths and where you need improvements. Time and resource efficiencies are gained by directing you to key areas for improvement or remediation.