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We work with all levels of an organization to ensure you are creating a culture in which Indigenous peoples can thrive and diverse teams can work together in a challenging and rewarding environment. 


14. Indigenous Inclusion Strategy for Senior Management and Boards

What do directors and C-Suite executives need to know about Indigenous engagement, business and inclusion?  

There are growing and emerging opportunities in the Indigenous economic and business marketplace. Leaders are exploring the I for Indigenous in ESG and how best to support their economic reconciliation action plans. C-suite leaders and boards need Indigenous engagement strategies that support their organizational goals and diversity and inclusion efforts.

15. Assessing Indigenous Inclusion in Your ESG Strategy

Where does Indigenous inclusion fit into your current Environment, Social and Governance strategy?

Using a ‘Two-eyed seeing’ approach, Indigenous Works will inform on your ESG strategy with an Indigenous inclusion lens. Whether you are developing a new ESG strategy or reviewing your ESG strategy, we will examine where Indigenous elements and initiatives can be developed and implemented.  The outcomes from this work in Indigenous ESG can inform your DEI and HR strategies thru key intersection points.   

16. Developing Indigenous Employment and Inclusion Policy

Is your company’s goal to increase its Indigenous employment numbers?

The adoption of a dedicated Indigenous inclusion or employment policy signals to all your stakeholders and business relationships the heightened importance of building positive relationships with Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Works has identified 22 Indigenous-specific policy types in use across corporate Canada which broadly fall under the umbrella of Indigenous inclusion policies. The adoption of an Indigenous inclusion policy offers an important way for your organization to convey a level of maturity in your Indigenous inclusion. It demonstrates you have successfully integrated Indigenous inclusion principles into your core mission and business plan. 

Indigenous Works has a disciplined approach to Indigenous Employment and Inclusion Policy development. We can work with you every step of the way, from idea to final presentation to your leadership.

17. SME Bid Response Package

Are you working in the energy or mining sector and do you want to grow your business as part of the supply chain to larger companies or contractors that are developing projects that are on Indigenous lands? Or you are trying to support more Indigenous firms, communities and equity-seeking groups. More frequently, bids must include documentation about your strategies and your track record working with First Nations, Métis, or Inuit. 

We can help you to develop your Package and the organizational competencies, training, cultural awareness, and teamwork needed to fulfill it. Companies that can not evidence their connections and working relationships with Indigenous communities may be losing to other bidders who can present this documentation. 

Documentation of the response package will vary depending on what components you currently have in place. We can help you build or refine any of these components and features including, but not limited to your: Indigenous employment program, supplier diversity program, CSR program, reconciliation plan, Indigenous partnerships and others.