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We recognize that organizations come to us at various stages of their Indigenous Inclusion journey. 


From rookies to advanced organizations, we help you climb the Inclusion Continuum and take your Indigenous employment and inclusion performance to new heights. 

Based on feedback from our Employer Partner Community, we recommend that the first part of your organization’s Indigenous inclusion journey focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge capital which will inform your deeper recruitment, retention and reconciliation work moving forward. Our partners have found that a strong knowledge capital foundation is the single most important key to the success of your Indigenous inclusion strategy.   

We have several popular training topics we deliver to clients virtually on a regular basis to enhance organizations' internal knowledge capital. Training sessions can be tailored to your needs and group size as well. Training topics can also be customized.

Foundational training topics:

1. Introduction to Indigenous History & Impacts of Colonization for All Staff
2. Truth and Reconciliation for All Staff

Additional topics:

3. Cultural Competency for People Leaders and Managers
4. Masterclass: ESG for Senior Leadership - Where is the “I” for Indigenous in ESG?
5. Indigenous Socio-Economics and Demographics
6. Land Acknowledgements 
7. Building your Indigenous Attraction and Recruitment Strategy
8. Indigenizing and Decolonizing Your Workplace

For an additional fee, we can customize specific Indigenous inclusion learning sessions based on the specifics of your industry and organizational culture. Customizations require additional work to include industry-specific data and case studies. We can also brand the presentation to reflect your current or planned training program, corporate taglines or themes. 

Virtual Service Format:
  • 60 to 90-minute live virtual session with an IW Instructor (training presentation followed by a question and answer period)
  • Up to 100 participants can attend (we recommend smaller groups to create a more engaging atmosphere)
  • Client to host on their platform of choice and provide a tech check in advance of the presentation
  • French Translation is available for an additional fee
  • In-person sessions are available, depending on the location, for an additional fee

Employer Partners: CAD $5000 
Regular Rate: CAD $7500 
Customized Training: Ask for Quote
Have more than 100 participants? Add participants in groups of 500 for a flat fee. 

*In-Person Training is also available to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Interested? Meet with an Indigenous Works Advisor to learn more.