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Land acknowledgements are a sign of respect towards Indigenous peoples, recognizing their relationship with the land. For Indigenous communities with a tradition of verbal storytelling, acknowledging the land honours their ancestors, their history, and their ties to their territories. As organizations work towards reconciliation and cultural competency, integrating land acknowledgements is an important step. It's essential to use accurate information, learn about the Indigenous Communities in your area, and rely on reputable resources. 

Attendees will begin to understand the value of learning Indigenous place names and community names correctly. It is not just an act of learning but one of profound respect, recognition, and acknowledgment of a rich history. Indigenous languages are intricately tied to their identity, worldview, and relationship with the land. By embracing these names, we prioritize an often overlooked history. 

This webinar will set foundational work for increasing cultural competency and a “Two-Eyed” seeing approach to reconciliation. 


  1. Understand the role of land acknowledgements in reconciliation. 
  2. Discuss the Mi'kmaw concept of "Two-Eyed Seeing" brought forward by Elder Albert Marshall 
  3. Learn how to identify and access information about the Indigenous communities in your area. 
  4. Identify and use reputable resources in your efforts.


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