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Indigenous Inclusion Thought Leadership Series

Webinar on February 29, 2024, 1 PM EST

Indigenizing Work-Life Balance Metrics and Wellbeing

There are now over 22 nations around the world that have new measures of wellbeing that go beyond traditional Gross Domestic Product Measures. But interestingly, over thousands of years Indigenous Nations have developed a myriad of wellbeing concepts and principles that could inform on new approaches to wellbeing measures, practices and indexes. 

Our webinar will explain why ‘wellbeing’ is such a fundamental principle for your Indigenous Strategy. Indigenous concepts of wellbeing can deeply inform how workplaces can best be designed and structured and be of benefit to your entire workforce. 

In the post-Covid era, there have been major structural changes to workforce practices including remote, hybrid and blended models. Today employers are under increasingly higher levels of scrutiny to explain how they are looking out for their employees’ wellbeing while addressing labour force productivity and shortages. 

We will provide some background on wellbeing and how this concept is taking root in different ways with Indigenous concepts of wellbeing in your workplace. We will examine not only cultural dimensions but fundamental values and principles such as social cohesion and social capital. Prosperity, governance, community health and healing and the interconnectedness to suitable and affordable housing, food security, societal confidence levels and trust will be examined thru and Indigenous wellbeing lens. 

Learning objectives 

  1. You will learn about Indigenous wellbeing concepts, foundations and principles. =
  2. You will learn why wellbeing is becoming increasingly important to all employees in context of human resources, labour force development and productivity. 
  3. Learn some ways to embed wellbeing into your Indigenous workplace inclusion strategy. 

Presented by

Craig Hall, MBA
Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation

Kelly J Lendsay, BSPE, MBA, CAFM, ICD.D


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