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Michael Stushnoff
Manager, Employer Partner Program

I am Michael Stushnoff, born in Edmonton, AB. Lived in Sherwood Park before moving to Regina, SK.

After a few years in Regina, Saskatoon became our home. My heritage is Metis, Doukhobor.

As a young man community work was a big part of my life and continues till today. I have been involved with the Folk Fest, Multi-Cultural Committee of Saskatchewan, Scouts Canada, Royal Canadian Army Cadettes in my younger years.

Later in life I was married and had two amazing children. Eli and Victoria.

After a brief time in Edmonton, AB, after high school I started a career in the casino industry as a Floor Supervisor / Dealer. Our casino was closing to allow for a SIGA casino to open. I learned about Gabriel Dumont Institute and applied for scholarships. I attended SIIT Management Studies Program. At that point I chaired and restarted our leadership council.

SIIT made a huge impact in my life. It was at SIIT was able to apply and attend the inaugural 2008 event of at the time Inclusion Works in Vancouver BC as a Delegate. A true honor.

I was able to secure a career in the finance industry during my time at SIIT. I was on a career plan to leadership. I worked as Client Service Rep, Banking Advisor, Assistant Branch Manager/Advisor and Bank Manager. Also, was a Branch Compliance Officer, and Commissionaire of Oaths. During my time in the finance industry. I was chairman of the Royal Eagles of Saskatchewan for two years. And participated with the Royal Eagles for many more years. I had the opportunity to attend many of the Indigenous Works’ programs over the years as a volunteer formerly known as YIPS. Young Indigenous Professional. I was able to attend and participate in an employment and educational summit in Montreal as well. During my time in the finance industry, I was Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Outlook, SK., Raised money and assisted for many events in the communities of Outlook, Hanley, Delisle, Saskatoon, and North Battleford.

After my career in the finance industry, I took some time to find my center, I was on a journey to wellness. Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. I have been baptized at a Christian Church in 2023, I started working with a personal trainer and Aqua-Fitness. I was able to attain a job that allowed me to work with people, and work towards growing the membership of the YMCA which is a Charitable organization where Children are a huge focus, Diversity and Inclusion, with relationships with Open Door Society and Global Gathering among others.

My wellness journey continues as I’ve grown to be healthier now physically, mentally, spiritually, than ever before in my life. I look forward to the Journey with Indigenous Works and truly appreciate the amazing honor to assist in this great purpose.

Thank you

Mike Stushnoff