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This knowledge capital webinar will review the important role of cultural competence in the development and implementation of your Indigenous workplace design, systems, practices and strategies. Elders teach us to embrace cultural humility so that we can better understand Indigenous experiences, worldviews and perceptions. Your organization's adoption of Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion systems and practices requires more than checking the box or completing a checklist. It involves self-reflection, understanding and respect to identify personal biases and barriers to building mutually trusting relationships. You will hear from Indigenous Elders who will share their perspectives and teachings on Indigenous culture and the many connections to wellbeing in all aspects of our lives providing meaningful connections, empowerment and purpose. The second part of the webinar looks at specific examples of successful Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion systems and practices and explains how they have been inspired and shaped by 'the wisdom of the elders'. 

Learning Objectives 

  1. Increase your understanding of the essential elements of cultural competency training. 
  2. Receive examples, share and discuss Elder teachings and perspectives. 
  3. Develop an appreciation for cultural humility towards growing your cultural competencies and learn the importance of cultural knowledge in forming and shaping your Indigenous workplace employment and workplace practices and systems.

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