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Implementing the National Indigenous Economic Strategy in your Organization

The National Indigenous Economic Strategy (NIES), unveiled June 2022, is a blueprint for inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian economy. This is the first time that an Indigenous-led strategy has been built and affirmed by Indigenous leaders and organizations across Canada providing a roadmap for the economic aspects of reconciliation and a blueprint for Indigenous inclusion in the economy.  

This webinar will be led by two Indigenous leaders, Dawn Mahdabee-Leach, Chair of the National Indigenous Economic Development Board and General Manager of Wabuteck Business Development Corporation and Kelly Lendsay, President and CEO of Indigenous Works.  Both Ms Mahdabee-Leach and Mr Lendsay were members of the eight person core committee that developed the strategy over a sixteen month period 2021-2022. The Strategy was unveiled in June 2022 and in 2023-24 efforts are now underway to educate private, public and education organizations about the NIES.


  • Learn the four Strategic Pathways: People, Land, Infrastructure, and Finance that collectively work together to drive positive change, address long-standing inequities, and achieve inclusive growth for and with Indigenous communities. 
  • Understand the 107 Calls to Prosperity and the key elements in each of the four pillars.  
  • Begin to explore how you and your organization can align your efforts with the calls to prosperity.  Indigenous-led and driven, the NIES guides governments, industry and institutions in their reconciliation work and collaboration in rebuilding Indigenous economies.
  • Download a copy of the National Indigenous Economic Strategy (NIES) here:


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