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Although there are many pockets of success, Indigenous peoples and communities in Canada remain in a fragile state with metrics showing little upward trends. In the report on Indigenous Economic Progress (2019), the National Indigenous Economic Development Board (NIEDB) examined a comprehensive range of socio-economic indicators. They note that … ‘there are some (very modest) positive trends and improvements in specific markets and communities across Canada. However, no substantive changes have been made in the main socio-economic gaps which characterize Indigenous circumstances today.’ What can your organization do to design and promote a racism free workplace where Indigenous people have equal opportunity to advance their careers and professional development? 

The socio-economic indicators used by the NIEDB capture the life-state indicators which Indigenous people face daily. The effects of racism, exclusion, the breakdown of family and community values, overcrowded housing, loss of culture etc. have a bearing on quality of life and workplace ‘wellbeing’ indicators. It reflects the state of social capital at a time when race relations in Canada are increasingly strained for many marginalized people, immigrants and Indigenous people. How can we move towards racism free workplaces, schools and communities. What can history tell us about the current state of racism. What are the changes and rapid adjustments needed to grow and foster greater social capital, relationships, and reconciliation in Canada. 

Learning Objectives 

Attendance at this webinar will result in the following learning outcomes. 

  1. Grow your knowledge of Indigenous history and increase your understanding of the ways that exclusionary policies of the past continue to have impacts on workplace racism issues. 
  2. Gain a better understanding of the current socio-economic gaps that exist between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians. Learn how this information can further inform on racism free work 

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