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Improving your organization’s abilities to attract, recruit, advance and retain an Indigenous workforce is dependent upon 5 key factors. They include: (i) understanding the recent changes in the Indigenous landscape, (ii) mastering the Indigenous labour market ecosystem, (iii) understanding and honing your Indigenous employment brand, (iv) putting into place the right Indigenous employment and workplace policies, strategies, and practices and, (v) developing improved understanding and relationships with the Indigenous communities where you do business or conduct operations. 

These management and organizational competencies will be part of the learning program of this year’s Inclusion Works ’24, a learning event with the title “Going Beyond the Checkmark for a New Era of Indigenous Inclusion”. The title underscores the importance of staying abreast of the changes which have ensued in the Indigenous landscape in the past few years and why it is important that organizations evolve their strategies and practices so that they can be more successful at Indigenous employment. Those who can get ahead of the curve of information and organizational needs are “going beyond the checkmark”. 

Join us as we work through the factors which grow your competitive edge and make your organization more successful in your Indigenous attraction, recruitment, advancement and retention.

Learning  Objectives 

  1. Learn the 5 factors and learning which contribute to the formation of your organization’s competitive edge in Indigenous employment. 
  2. Learn why your Indigenous employment brand is a vital part of your competitive advantage. 
  3. Learn 5 ways to align your Indigenous employment policies, strategies and practices for a new era in Indigenous inclusion

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