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Today Indigenous leaders are calling upon organizations to create more meaningful reconcili-ACTION to go beyond the checkmark towards meaningful strategy, practices and measures. The public, private, NGO and education sectors have been called upon to address the Truth and Reconciliations Calls to Action. This presents an opportunity to incorporate your organizations TRC response into a purposeful reconciliation strategy that is aligned with your HR, DEI and ESG frameworks. In the webinar we will share some new knowledge capital that HR/DEI/ESG professionals can use to go beyond the checkmark.

 Today you need both the strategy and a forward looking action plans with targets and outcomes to demonstrate you are going beyond the checkmark. In this webinar we will share some ideas to help you go beyond the checkmark with a myriad of strategic considerations and actions. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn about the reputation risk that is associated with ‘just checking the checkmark’. 
  2. Learn about some strategies to demonstrate you are going beyond the checkmark. 
  3. Learn about some new metrics and how to weave these into your internal and external narrative.  

Presented by

Senior Director ESG and Industrial Development, Calian Group Ltd.


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